Looking back on OK Dinghy season 2017

Thomas Hansson-Mild looks back on a great saling season:

“After the normal winterbreak the first hitting the water was in February 2017 with the new boat delivered from Vejle Yacht Service, Denmark. Thomas Egeskov had once again done a great work this year with the boat that had some great improvements from earlier version. There were mostly many small details, but still based on the same proven hullshape, the Delfs.

Some of the new features for this year were integrated inspectionholes for a cool look and a raised draintube from cockpit in order to not get water from cockpit running forward and a raised piedestal for the mainsheetblock in order to avoid wear an tear on the hikingstraps and the angle of hikingdeck was altered and faded making the hikingdeck a bit smoother. Another smart thing was also the clamcleat fittings all got screwed on a carbonplate so you didn’t have to make any holes in the boat that can cause the boat to leak. We also moved the masthole a bit further forward since we found that we ended up a bit too forward so there was no space left in front of deckring and masthole.

The big event of the year was the OK dinghy Europeans in Faaborg, Denmark. A massive fleet of 135 boats had showed up and the regatta was won by the young Norwegian sailor Lars-Johan Brodtkorb, and me finishing in 4th place which I was actually quite OK with. Once you’ve finished just outside the top three it always feels tough, but then it is easy to forget that there were still 131 sailors who finished behind me, among some big champions and other great sailors.”

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